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ART / MAGAZINE   "INSPIRATION CAPTURED"  Ferrari World magazine issue 12. SOLD

Sorry, these pieces are very often bespoke.  So our inventory changes often. 

I can email you the catalogue of current selections privately.

Feel free to reach out to me directly at 

or call 832-488-7746.

$400 individual.

$1000 collections of three.



"Inspiration Captured" by Brad Strickland 2023

Paper craft, steel, graffiti and found items. 


The rare source of energy found in the internal launching of a man on a mission.


The foundation of anything.  Billion dollar businesses, compassionate movements, lasting monuments and heirloom estates all started by someone who was greatly inspired.  The mystery of where to find that level of inspiration is different most of the time.  However, the turning of paper pages as one would read mesmerizing topics is a common source.  On the subject of Ferrari, Ferrari models, magazines and the occasional real world glimpse of a Ferrari driving by can have a triggering effect on someone to do more, be more, and think more.  Brad Strickland captures this "inspiration" with this piece. 


More photos at:

ART / MAGAZINE "INSPIRATION CAPTURED" Ferrari World magazine issue 12. SOLD

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